Saturday, April 02, 2011


It is a gorgeous Saturday morning here in the middle of nowhere. The sky is blue, robins and bluebirds are zipping around and the snow sparkles.

Oh, right...the snow. Well, if you overlook the layer of snow covering everything, it really is a pretty spring morning. Maybe the snow will melt.

Yeah, I've got a bridge to sell, if you're interested...

Me? I'm ignoring the sn-- ah, the white stuff. I've got a long To-do list and don't have time for Mother Nature's nonsense. On the list? Oh, the usual. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, bringing in firewood. And, if my mood stays the same and my chin doesn't hit the ground (I'm going to try real hard to see that it doesn't!) I'm going to bake. Yes, that's right, I'm going to dust off the oven, wash some mixing bowls and, for the first time in over a year, I'm going to bake. It's time.

Vito and I loved creating in the kitchen, and that enjoyment included baking. I'll tell you, he baked the best apple pie in the world. Truly, he did. It was so amazing that when we invited folks for dinner they'd request his apple pie for dessert. Before I get teary-eyed, moving along...

I've got to get back on the kitchen horse eventually. I can't live on frozen dinners forever. And, I might find happiness doing what we enjoyed. So, baking. Today. Something simple to start. Maybe cookies or a quick bread. Just something. Like I said, it's time.

Tonight I've got a date with some bunnies. Not somebodies, some bunnies. I've got about thirty that need to be stuffed because, well, just because bunnies shouldn't be flat. I'll stuff them tonight, put eyes and whiskers on tomorrow and then they'll be ready for their Big Day. It's hard to believe, but Easter's right around the corner.

What about you? What are you going to do this gorgeous Saturday?


Anonymous said...

So relieved you're feeling better. Keep your chin up, Sarita. I know this is hard but you are a strong woman. I am cheering you on!


Dru said...

Your post always make me smile.

Where are the 30 bunnies going?

I'm quilting as soon as I get off this computer.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are beginning to do the things you enjoy. Keep it up!!

I am wondering what Dru's wondering. Where are the bunnies going?