Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Week

...and a leap of faith.

First, Holy Week. You know I've been having the whole insomnia issue, right? Well, sometimes that comes in very handy. This morning I watched the Holy Father celebrate Palm Sunday Mass from St. Peter's Square. Loved every minute of it. Thank you, elusive sleep!

Now, the leap of faith. See that little block on the sidebar? The three bunnies, just below my darling man? That's right, you've got it. Know what it is? Yep, it's the link to Sew Cherry Pie. Put just a few things out this morning, to see how the whole Etsy shop thing goes. Wish me luck!

So, what've you got planned for this windy, rainy Sunday? Anything interesting?

Me? I plan to sit by the fire, drink chai and catch up on my correspondence. That's right, I still write letters, the old-fashioned way. Color me retro! Anyhow, that's my plan for the day. Relaxing. Low key. Quiet.

If I get a chance this evening I have a pattern for doll clothes I'd like to give a whirl. I know a couple of cuties whose American Girls might need new outfits...

Happy Sunday!


Dru said...

Visited your Etsy site love the items you have for sale.

Your afternoon sounds nice. It's a bit chilly so I think I'll make myself a nice cup of vanilla tea.

Hope the rest of your weekend is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Woo hooooo!! You did it! I am so glad you got a shop. I am going to poke over and see what is there!!

Sue W.

Kathleen said...

Just ordered the daisy bag (so attractive and the daisy is the symbol for PEO, my women's group). All best wishes with your new business

Melissa McClone said...

Good luck with the Etsy shop! I've already got it book marked and shared Dru's FB and tweet!

Marianne Arkins said...

Ooh .. will dish about your shop on my Facebook page. YAY.

If you ever do Barbie clothes, I know one DD who will be a constant customer.