Monday, April 25, 2011

Gotta Laugh

Friday afternoon the sun peeked out for about an hour. When the rain stopped I headed straight outdoors. The gardens were wet so I decided to wash Vito's truck.

It's big. And not automatic. And I've only ever been a passenger in the vehicle.

But this new life of mine is fraught with new adventures, isn't it? Things I must figure out and conquer, right?

You know what I did. I clambered into the driver's seat, put my foot down on the clutch and, using my toes to hold it all the way down, I started that big truck and took the plunge--I shifted and began to drive. I have to admit I stalled it once, trying to shift into reverse on the inclined part of the driveway. Otherwise, though, I was jazzed because I didn't hit anything and managed to get the truck where I wanted it to be.

It's a good thing I didn't pat myself too hard on the back because when I hopped out I got a surprise.

That's right, I parked on the hose.

Gotta laugh, right? I know for certain there was laughter in heaven!


Melissa McClone said...

LOL! Much laugher I'm sure. I learned to drive on a manual. My dad forced me. Of course, he didn't do the same to my younger sister.

Hope you had a lovely Easter, Sarita!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle!

Anonymous said...

That is a hoot! vito is laughing for sure.

Glad you got through Easter, honey.

Sue W.

Dru said...


Kathleen said...

That picture says it all. Thanks for a heart-warming blog.