Saturday, April 05, 2014

Flying Time

Tempus fugit.

We've all heard the Latin expression, which we generally translate into "time flies" but in reality, as one of my learned, Latin-savvy sorority sisters (yes, Lizzy, I mean you!) would point out, the term means "time flees".

Flees? Flies? Whatever.

I've spent a great deal of time recently ruminating on fleeing, flying time. And the lack thereof. As well as the way time a heartbeat, it seems.

So, where's this all leading? No place, really. Just one woman in the middle of nowhere wondering how to cram as much living into as little time as possible because she knows damn well that time flees, flies and finally fades all too quickly.

On that note, back to the deadline at hand. So I can spend time doing some of the stuff that makes me smile on such a snowy (yes, I do realize it's April; apparently Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo!) Saturday afternoon. Then, if I'm lucky, there'll be time tonight to watch the snow fall from my back deck while I plan how to make the trip of a lifetime become a reality...while there's still time.

Oh, yes. Thinking about time here.