Thursday, September 22, 2011

Checking In, it's Thursday already, isn't it? How did that happen?

First, thanks for all the kind emails. I didn't mean to worry anyone. Honestly, the days just got away from me. I'm fine. Just busy.

I've got a ton of farm stuff to square away before the cold weather hits in earnest. My to-do list is longer than my arm! I've been painting the deck, pulling out the veggie gardens and mowing. And mowing. And mowing!

And, the canning. Oy, the canning... Tomatoes and apples just won't quit. I'll be grateful come winter but now I'm just sick and tired of canning. Don't get me wrong--I'm grateful for the produce but I wish it would can itself.

Polishing the book up, tweaking it and making it ready to go out into the world. I really hope there's a way to read the pages from heaven. I really do.

So, that's it from here. Just muddling along, not really paying attention to the days but focusing instead on what's right in front of me. It is working but I'm sorry if I've worried anyone. I'm still here!

Wishing you a peaceful day.


sharon said...

don't work too hard!

and hang in there.

Maria Zannini said...

This time of year is the busiest for me too.

Wendy said...

So happy to see your post. Happy canning!

Anonymous said...

So glad you r keeping busy!


Dru said...


Melissa McClone said...

It's crazy busy here. Just that time of year I think! Thanks so much for the note! One of the kids asked to open it since they don't get any mail. They thought it was so nice.

Anonymous said...

So that's where you are! I'm sure if anyone can find a way to automatically can produce you can! to watch the Eagles. Talk soon. Aussie Jude xx