Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've assumed so many new hats here. It's just crazy. Some new jobs I'm getting down without too much trouble. Others? Oy...

Recently, the vacuum decided it wasn't going to operate correctly. So, I grabbed a screwdriver and took that sucker apart. Four times. Every time, I thought I had it fixed. Uh, no. Not quite. So, I took it apart the fifth time and thought for sure I'd figured it out.

I even told a dear friend, "It took me five times but I finally got it right! Yay!"

Yeah. Yippee.

Tried it out yesterday afternoon and it's true, the vacuum finally did suck. In fact, it sucked really well.

But it also spat.

That's right. There was sucking. And, there was spitting. Lots of it. Big, hairy, dusty spitting.


Yes, I'm trying to keep the blog G-rated. In real life, I swore in four languages. Vividly. I'm pretty shocked none of you heard me, actually.

So, I took it apart for the sixth time. Yes. The sixth time.

You know how soldiers have to disassemble and reassemble their weapons against a stopwatch? I'm pretty sure I can do that with this vacuum.

The sixth time really was the charm. Now there's just sucking. No spitting. And, I'm happy.

My sweet man would've fixed the vacuum on the first try. I have no doubt whatsoever he could've done it in a snap. He could fix or build anything. Anything.

Thank God I hovered over his shoulder and can find my way around a toolbox. It took me much longer almost than my patience could stand, but I didn't give up. I admit, round number three almost saw the vacuum fly but...I restrained myself.

So pleased I've figured this out. And now that the book is done, I've got miles to put on that vacuum.

What's new in your world? Anything you'd care to share?

I wish you a peaceful day.


Anonymous said...

You know he's laughing! And proud of you. Good job!

Sue W.

Mary said...

So glad you fixed it. I probably would have used the broom!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm SO impressed!! Good for you!

When my kiddo had lice, I was vacuuming a few times a day then...all of a sudden it SPAT. Ack!!!
Talk about R-rated language. LOL
Only, I went out and immediately bought a new vaccum because I was so not touching that. :-)

sharon said...

I'm proud of you! Way to go!

Jess said...


I would have no idea how to fix a vacuum. Good for you!

Maria Zannini said...

Good for you for figuring it out. I hate it when the machines win.