Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anytime is a Good Time

“Honey, can I get you anything from the kitchen? Something to drink? A snack?”

He pulled his gaze from the puzzle book before him. “What are you having?”

She smiled, knowing full well what his response would be. “Ice cream.”

As if on cue, he let his mouth fall open, his eyes widen. “Ice cream? You’re kidding, right?”

“You know I’m not.”

“But it’s about ten degrees outside. No one eats ice cream in weather like this.”

“I’m not going to eat it outside. So…do you want anything?” A smile, and a gentle tease. “A bowl of ice cream, maybe? It’s mint chocolate chip, one of your favorites…”

A low, throaty chuckle. “No, thanks. I’m not as adventurous as you are, I’m afraid. Would a cup of cocoa be too much trouble?”

“No trouble at all.” She spun on her heel and headed toward the kitchen. “Want a splash of whipped cream on the top?”

“How about a small scoop of that ice cream instead? It’ll melt right into the hot chocolate, don’t you think?”

Swallowing a giggle, she poured milk into a saucepan and put it on the stove to heat. When they met he never would have considered having ice cream during the cold months—not even on his hot chocolate. She’d rubbed off on him…one scoop at a time.


Wendy said...

This made me smile today!

Dru said...

They're back. I love your Wednesday's conversations.

I've never had ice cream in my hot chocolate. Sounds yummy. Hmmm.

Have a good Wednesday.

Melissa McClone said...


Anonymous said...

Winter is the BEST time to eat ice cream...while you're snuggly warm inside.