Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, it's been one of those months, hasn't it? Yep, 2009 certainly started off with a bang! and, as we head into its second month, it looks like the whole bang! motif is going to continue for a while.

But do you want to know something funny? We've sort of grown accustomed to the whole thing. Really. What fazed us six weeks ago is something of a "normal" mode around here.

The next few weeks will be a challenge but we feel completely ready to meet it so, really, this whole bang! new year situation isn't all that terrible. It could be worse, and we're adapting, so there are no complaints from this corner of the world. All in all, everything's pretty darn good around here.

On the writing front, I managed to make my wordcount for the JaNoWriMo challenge. I'm not saying they're all good words, but they're words and I do have a story so I'm pleased. Total words? 51,357. Very happy about that!

Even more exciting is the fact that the JaNo writers are continuing into February. I am jazzed, because I honestly love peeking into the writing lives of others, and hearing about their successes. I think it's great that we can cheer each other on. It really does make writing a less solitary sport, at least for me. My next project is titled Madcapped. My fingers are itching to get started!

Before we officially head into February, I want to thank everyone who has been supportive, kind and compassionate these past weeks. Your friendship and encouragement, thoughts and prayers, have warmed our hearts and made this difficult month much less taxing than it could have been. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all your kindness more than I can say.

I hope you have fun with my stand-in blogger. She'll be around starting tomorrow and will sit in my chair until at least Valentine's Day. While I won't be here to chat, I will be thinking of you, and hoping your days are sunny and filled with laughter.

See you in February!


Marianne Arkins said...

Good luck with everything, and we'll be looking forward to your return!

And, yes, JaNo was great! *G*

Dru said...

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you later in the month.

Excellent word count.