Monday, January 26, 2009

January At Its Best

We are under a Winter Storm Watch here. Just so you know, up here in the middle of nowhere we keep a pretty close eye on the weather channel, and take these watches and warnings to heart. No one wants to be caught out in the middle of a snow or ice storm unprepared, do they? No, take it from me, they do not. So...we listen.

A Winter Storm Watch.

One word? Ugh.

Ugh is a word, isn't it?

And, when I think about it reasonably, I can understand the need for more snow. Really. I can.

I mean, it's obvious we don't already have enough of the white stuff, isn't it?


Ack--it's a word, isn't it?

What have you got planned for this Monday? Me? I'm going to make sure the snowblower is ready for Mother Nature's latest round of fun.


Oof--a word, no?


Wendy said...

We're also under a weather warning here, according to the weather channel. Seems hard to believe there is a snowstorm coming, though, as I look out at those beautiful mountains against a sky all wonderfully clear and blue. I am NOT happy about the forecast. We still have way more than our quota of snow left over from the daily dumps we got over the Christmas holidays.

BTW - ugh, ack, and oof are definitely words.

Amy said...

More snow?


Stay warm.

Dru said...

Stay warm!

Melissa McClone said...

Oh, wow. Take care and stay warm. We had some snowfall on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Nothing like you've gotten. Hugs.