Monday, January 19, 2009

Old Favorites

Here we’ve snuggled in for the winter. Good thing, considering we’re in for the long haul here in upstate New York.

Usually we count the days between snowstorms and smile as the inches of fluffy white stuff mount. We keep our cross-country skis beside the back door and our snowshoes on the mat near our snow boots. We are jazzed by the snow, and the season.

Of course this year is a little bit different for us. There are no skiing or shoeing excursions. I know I could go out on my own but, honestly, that seems kind of mean. I know my husband would understand if I did indulge myself but on the same vein I wouldn’t understand my selfishness in doing so. I will wait until next year when he is well—and we will ski and snowshoe and make snow angels to our heart’s content.

This year we are finding “new” ways to pass the snowy afternoons indoors. Actually, there’s nothing new about what we’ve been doing. What is it that’s keeping us busy?

Board games. A few days ago hubby felt well enough to be restless, so I knew I had to come up with something to keep him occupied. I remembered we have a pile of board games on a shelf in the top of the coat closet—that was all it took to bring a smile to the patient’s face.

Yesterday we played “Clue”—on the same game board that I used when I was a child. It’s been a long time since I had to deduce the facts behind the crime scene! What fun! We spent a couple of hours laughing while we visited with old friends. In the end, we found that the crime had been committed with a rope in the library, and the culprit was…ah, you almost got me to tell, didn’t you? Of course I’m not at liberty to say just who did what to whom—maybe my even saying where and how is against the rules so let’s just keep it between us that I blabbed, okay?

Any board game suggestions? The winter is going to be long and I wonder just how many games of solve-the-murder we can play before we lose interest. I’d love to hear about your old favorites. Who knows? Maybe one of them will become a new favorite in our home, too!


Dru said...

We were a board game family growing up. My favorites were Life, Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, Concentration, Parcheesi and Trivia Pursuit.

Thinking about playing these games with my family brings back warm memories.

Have a good Monday.

Kara Lynn Russell said...

Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit are my favorites. Although they aren't really games, jigsaw puzzles are fun, too.

I'm glad to hear your husband is feeling well enough to be restless.


Marianne Arkins said...

I loved Sorry and Battleship. I'm also a fan of card games and puzzled (the more pieces, the better!). DD and I play Sorry a LOT and there's almost always a puzzle out waiting to be completed.

Hang in there :-)

Anonymous said...

Quiddler and Five Crowns. They're card games, but they're really fun. We just love them around here.