Saturday, January 17, 2009


I know, I know…no one wants to hear about the weather but honestly it’s all I can think about early this Saturday morning. I’ve been up and about for a couple hours—when I’d much rather be sleeping, believe me—and it’s due to the bone-chilling temperatures. It is well below zero so I’m very conscious of the heat, especially with Hubby being under the weather. (Pun intended!) I can’t help but worry that the pellet stove will run out of pellets and go out or that the woodstove will lag because I haven’t fed it frequently enough. We do have another heat source but it’s so ridiculously expensive I cringe when I hear it come on, so while we’re home I try to use the pellets and wood exclusively.

So…I got up well before the crack of dawn to feed the pellet stove. Then I stirred the embers in the woodstove and got that roaring. The house is warming up nicely, and I’m certain that by the time Hubby’s eyes open things will be toasty here.

I’ve got to tell you, warmer climates have been calling me—loudly!—these past weeks. Entertaining the idea of moving somewhere warm and sunny sure sounds good about now…

What’s on your mind this shiver-inducing morning? And how’s the weather in your neighborhood? If it’s even remotely tropical I just may put it on my list of possible relocation destinations. What do you think? Are you open to having new neighbors? Hmm?


Dru said...

Today is the one of a few days where I wish I was in sunny California or in the Caribbean.