Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday Musings

The day is beginning on a high note. Melinda at Night Owl Romance gave Last Chance 4 1/2 stars!

Part of her review:

"This is the first title I’ve read by Sarita Leone and won’t be the last. Here is an author who brings the storyline to life with characters that capture your attention. Laura is just like any widow but she misses the things only a man can bring to a woman. Now Chance is definitely a man who knows what he wants yet when it comes to Laura he is all tongue-tied. These two were great yet funny in their denials and attraction coming together. Last Chance is a story that will capture every reader’s attention and have them rooting for Chance to get his woman. I loved it."

Wouldn't that just make your day? Thanks, Melinda!

On a different note, I'm just heartsick over the news from along the Mississippi River. I cannot imagine how those families must feel watching all that water coming their way. I've got everyone down there along the banks of that huge river in my thoughts and prayers. Enough with the natural disasters, already! Where's the sunshine, warm breezes and flowers?

So, what have you got planned for this day? Me? I'm going to try to take in the blouse I made this weekend. It's a size smaller than I usually wear, and I've already taken it in about two inches but it's still huge. I look silly in it, although it's pretty and will be useful once I get it sized correctly. Wish me needs a lot of adjusting!

I hope you have a peaceful day. Thanks for stopping by!


Dru said...

Great review.

Nothing planned for this week oh wait I have a quilting class on Thursday.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow, that's a great review!!!

Just writing this week. Meeting my mom on Thursday for a little shopping too.