Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clean Up

Remember how I said we've had strong thunderstorms? Well, they brought wind when they barreled through. Real strong wind.

Wind strong enough to cause destruction. Not Joplin-type issues, thank God, but enough to warrant cleaning up the mess. So far the biggest leftover from three days of storms is a toppled tree. It's broken right off. I'm thankful it fell away from the barn instead of on it. Also, one of the barns has a length of fascia torn off so I'll have to get up and put that back. The tree? I'm not chainsawing a tree just now so it'll have to wait. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Yes, life on the farm is interesting. Snakes, mice, wind... It's always something! But you know what? There's no time to be bored, which has its own benefits.

Today I'll be working on the veggie garden. So far I've got three dozen tomatoes planted. Today I'm putting in the eggplants and hopefully the peppers. That is, if I beat out the impending rainstorm!

So, have a peaceful Sunday. Me? I'm going to be eyeball deep in chores. I'm grateful for the busy work.


Anonymous said...

You are always working on that farm. Have a nice day.

Sue W.

Mary said...

I am wiped out just thinking about all you are doing! Don't you relax? Read a book or better yet write a new book? Hint hint hint. '

I hope you have a lot of fun gardening.

Anonymous said...

snakes, ewwwww!!!

You are braver than I am for sure!