Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farm Life

Yesterday I was held hostage by a rather long, orange-striped snake. I kid you not. I went to take the garbage out, and when I walked back up the driveway to inside a snake was right near the door. Blocking it, in fact.

Not a big snake fan.

I went next door, got a brave man but by the time we got home the snake had gone. Far away, I hope.

Bill asked, "Why didn't you just call me to come over when it was here? I would've gotten it and taken it away."

I pointed to the door, the stoop and us.

"The snake was between me and the phone!"

He laughed so hard. I didn't care. I was just glad the snake was gone.

Hopefully, it's in the next county by now!

How was your day?


Dru said...

my day was quiet. It is still cloudy but I hope we get some sun soon.

Maria Zannini said...

I came across a 4 ft black snake. I don't think it was poisonous, judging by the shape of its head. But they all bite, so I ran in one way and it slithered the other way.

I think we scared each other.

Anonymous said...

country living isn't for me!!!

I would have wet myself if there was a snake by the door.


Anonymous said...

Blogger is having posting issues apparently. I tried to post a comment earlier but it won't let me.

My day was ordinary compared to yours. Just work no snakes, thank God!!

Hang in there Sarita. We are pulling for you.

Mary, who can't sign in with Blogger. :(