Friday, March 11, 2011

Wake Up Call

So, yesterday was my birthday. Yep, that's right. A big one, too.

Honestly, I'd been dreading the day for weeks. Not because of the zero attached to the year, but because this is the first time I've not had my darling man beside me to share the special day since I was twenty two. We've been together a long time (though not nearly long enough!) and the birthday thing was pretty important to us. So, I wasn't keen on the day coming along.

I knew it would be tough, on many levels. One issue was the whole waking-up ordeal. You get it, don't you? Yesterday was the first birthday I had to wake up and face the day without my love beside me, smiling and cheering me on, singing Happy Birthday in a scratchy, early morning voice.

Wednesday night I fell asleep with a leaden feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew I'd have to wake up--alone--and hated the thought.

You know, sometimes life has a sense of humor. Or, at the very least, a small measure of compassion.

Yesterday I woke to the sound of the phone ringing. Before wakefulness unfogged my brain, I leapt from the bed, dashed to the phone and answered.

A sleepy, "Hello?" was greeted by a familiar accent. Our friend Judy, calling all the way from Australia to wish me well on my special day! What a lovely surprise!

And you know the best part? I didn't begin the day alone, as I had feared. Nope, "our gal Jude"--as Vito always called her--helped me, and my day began with a wonderful conversation. Thanks, Judy!

And the rest of the day? Well, I won't lie. It had its rough moments, but then every day since I lost my husband has hard moments. But the day also had its share of pleasure. I spent it with my mom and stepdad and while we didn't paint the town red, we found a safe harbor in the sea of grief we've all been dealing with. A good lunch, trip to church and home for tea made for an enjoyable day.

So. One year older. I've got to admit, I don't feel that zero at all. Not one bit!

How has your week been?


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday again, dear friend! I'm glad you had the call from Judy, some good company, and a bit of an outing. You've hurdled another "first" and I'm proud of you. I'm also pretty sure Vito was smiling!

Dru said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you got a nice wake-up call.

You make me smile.

Melissa McClone said...

Happy Birthday, Sarita! Hugs! Sounds like a nice way to be woken up. I so wish we lived closer!!!

Marianne Arkins said...

Bless your friend, Judy! She was truly a miracle for you that day.

Sorry I'm a day late to wish you a Happy Birthday. So ... You turned 30, huh?


Sarita said...

Thank you, Wendy. It was a hard "first" and honestly I'm glad it's behind me. I hope he was smiling, I really do. :)

Sarita said...

Dru, thank you for the kind wishes. And you, my friend, make me smile too!

Sarita said...

Melissa, thank you for the birthday wishes. Yes, it was a wonderful way to be woken up, by a dear friend. Honestly, I wish we lived closer too. :)

Sarita said...

Marianne, thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes. You are so, so smart, knowing I'm just a youngster! ;)