Saturday, March 05, 2011

Microwave Magic

My husband was an amazing cook. In fact, when we were young and just starting out, I told him a truth.

"I can't cook." I figured it'd be best if he found out before he sat down at the dinner table.

He didn't miss a beat. With a sweet grin, he shot back, "That's ok. I can."

It was no lie. The man could make magic with a few simple ingredients, a skillet and a wooden spoon. Eventually he taught me kitchen skills, as well. Since we were never apart, it just made sense that I'd learn from him. By the time we moved to this house, we took the kitchen renovation very seriously because one of our favorite activities was cooking. Yeah, we spent lots of time in the kitchen.

You know where this is going, don't you? I haven't yet gotten to the point where I can cook without him. Let's face it, cooking for one has got to be pretty lonely when you're used to doing it for two--with your favorite person.

So, what's a girl to do when she can't face the pots and pans? Fortunately, I've found a lifesaver. That's right, after the first lean weeks I found a solution to the cooking issue.

All I can say is, thank you Amy! I discovered Amy's Kitchen meals. They're tasty, quick and require no hands-on cooking. I pop them into the microwave and a couple of minutes later I've got a meal. Not a bad thing at all.

This is my first experience with frozen dinners, and I've got to say I am pleasantly surprised. I expected...well, let's not go there. I'm getting tasty, nutritionally sound meals without any added stress. All good, I think.

I know I'll eventually find my way back to our kitchen. For now, though, I'll let Amy feed me. What about you? Have you had good results with frozen meals? Or are you the way we were, cook-from-scratch folks? And, have you any recommendations, microwave meal-wise? My favorite Amy's is the Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal. If you're looking for a break from cooking, I heartily recommend you give it a go.

Now that I've got the cooking issue solved, I'm free to spend a relaxing weekend watching raindrops bounce off the porch! Hope you have a peaceful day!


Dru said...

I definitely have to check out this site. I'm not much for frozen meals, but I do like frozen veggies.

Sarita said...

Dru, we have never eaten frozen meals before the health crisis. Then, in the hospital, I tried to make Hungry Mans and every other kind of meal for my guy, hoping to encourage his appetite. Sadly, nothing worked but we kept trying. Now that I'm on my own it seems a good solution to my porblem. I'm a vegetarian and there are so many choices in the Amy's line. All with organic ingredients, as well. And the shocking thing is that they're actually tasty! Let me know how you fare trying them. I imagine you'll have a bigger assortment to choose from where you are. Here, we're a little limited but I'm still able to find something interesting to eat. I hope it goes well for you, too.

And happy day after your birthday!

Sarita said...

And, it's a good solution to my problem as well as my porblem! Ha!

Wendy said...

I must confess that I do keep a few frozen dinners on hand in my little freezer at the store. Stouffers makes tasty ones - not sure about the organic content, but if you haven't tried them it might be worth a peek to see what they have. We are normally a cook-from-scratch family, but there are days when no one is in the mood, I'll have to check out Amy's for potential options.

And how can I have known you for so many years and not know you are a vegetarian!! Don't you just love how friendships have unlimited layers to keep peeling back?

Sarita said...

Wendy, you're right about the Stouffer's. I did enjoy their mac and cheese but hated the huge calorie count. Still, it smacks of home-cooked comfort food.

I wonder how much more we'll discover about each other, my friend, as the years pass? A lot, I'll bet!

Happy Sunday. Enjoy that new grandson of yours, along with the rest of your wonderful crew!