Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birds and Bees

Got your attention, didn't I? I hope I don't disappoint, but this is a quick post about birds and bees.

Real birds and bees.

The past couple of days have been gorgeous. Blue skies, warm breezes and melting snow. Finally! As everyone knows, spring brings yard chores. I don't mind cleaning the grounds after the harsh winter weather.

My darling husband loved birds so we've got birdhouses all over the property. I went to each of the houses, cleaned last year's nests and readied them for this season's occupants. Vito had nests in each of his houses last year. I hope we're as fortunate this season. I'll keep you posted as I see our feather friends arrive.

Vito also kept Orchard Mason bees. They are fabulous pollinators, buzzing busily among the fruit trees, vineyard and gardens. Orchard Mason bees go into hibernation during the winter but when it gets warm they wake right up. Since they live in canister hives, which get covered to overwinter, they need to be set free early in the spring. I did that, snugging the bee canisters into the bee house on one of the barns. It looks like Vito had a bazillion buzzing buddies here last season. The straws where they live are nearly all filled, so we should have lots of pollinating action going on here at Villa Leone once the bees wake up.

I love the cycle of life here at the farm.

Today it's flurrying so I'm going to catch up on household chores. Then, an afternoon of sewing. I'm trying my hand at making change purses. I hope this works out well!

What about you? Any Saturday plans?


Anonymous said...

My painting is finally finished!! Hurrah!

You know Vito is smiling at you don't you? Good work with the place.

I would like to see those bees. Maybe to paint on a flower...

Sue W.

Wendy said...

Oh your day sounds like fun! Apparently our clouds are supposed to disappear later today and we might even have a day or two of sun. How lovely. I'm off to the store. Saturdays are usually slower, so perhaps I can get some writing done. Enjoy your birds and bees, my friend.

Anonymous said...

You did get my attention with your title, LOL!!! Your day sounds very relaxing. I'm going grocery shopping. No fun there


Dru said...

I made it to the quilt shop, so I'll pre-wash the new fabric and pick a pattern to work with. Hopefully tomorrow I'll start cutting pieces.

Have fun with your change purses.

Melissa McClone said...

Sounds like a very productive time! I was at a swim meet yesterday and put on a 13 yo birthday party today. BTW, package arrived. So cute! Saving it for her real b-day on Wednesday!