Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Woefully Website-less

Ack. That's it, just ack. The sound catching in my throat like a hairball as I contemplate the necessity of manufacturing a website. Yes, manufacturing, because really, it's not like I can whip one up as easily as I do a loaf of bread or a tray of lasagna. This whole website dilemma makes me sweat, I tell you. I've put it off for a long, long time, this author's site, but I know the time has come to finally take the plunge.

No. I really don't want to do it. I know it's going to be a royal pain in the posterior. text...scrolling..uploading..positioning...deleting...adding--ACK!

Why'd I ever agree to this writing gig? If I'd have known it involved an author website I may have kept my pen in my pocket.

Deep breathing, that's the ticket. Right? Lots of deep, soothing breaths. I've got the url, have had it for eons now. (Makes me want to hurl, the whole idea of it.) The url? Oh, it's, of course. But don't bother clicking that, it won't take you anywhere except to an "Under Construction" sign. Under construction! Ha! The only construction going on with this dotcom thingy is the massive wall of "Oh no!"-edness growing in my mind.

Hmm? Why not hire someone to do this, the way normal, rational people do?

Stubborness. Pure and simple. I'm too stubborn to hire someone to manufacture, construct, build--or whatever else you want to call it--my website.

Someday soon, I'll have to do it. I know that. Soon...

But right now, I think I have a lasagna to construct. Maybe a cake to manufacture. Then, who knows? I may just have to build a cup or two of cappucino.

Websites will wait. Foam on dark coffee, however, isn't all that patient.


Marianne Arkins said...

Good luck!!!