Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mega Madness

The Mega Lotto pool is in excess of $250 million dollars right now. Give or take a few mil, I guess.

The last drawing was on Friday night, with the pool around $201 million. I took a chance. Hey, I had a dollar and a dream, just like the next Hopeful Harriet in line. So yeah, I put my greenback down and smiled when the machine spit out a little ticket. Saturday, I checked my numbers. I didn't win.

Tonight the pool is, as I said above, ridiculous. Will I take a chance? Probably. Do I expect to win? Um, do I need to answer that? Of course I don't expect to win! I think the whole buying-a-ticket-and-checking-the-numbers gig is more a game than anything else. It's fun, pure and simple. A mini adreneline rush. But do I expect to win? Egads, no! Never, not me. Uh uh. Well...

You never know, do you?

The point is, the whole mega bucks lotto week has spawned conversations that I'm sure are taking place everywhere there's hope of holding the one Willy Wonka type winning ticket. You know the conversation, don't you? The "What would you do if you win?" musing?

So many choices with unlimited many treats...temptations...dreams to be fulfilled, bills to be paid, desires to be quenched.

Me? I'm no fool. I'd travel. Invest most of it. Pay bills. Maybe buy a house at the beach. Nothing fancy, just a place where sand meets surf and lying in a hammock gives a bird's-eye view of the whole shebang.

But really, the things I truly yearn for can't be bought. So how much would the mega winnings change my life? I'd like to think things would change very little.

How about you? What would you do if you won? Would your life change, or are you content enough to want things to stay basically as they are? Think about it for a bit. I think you may be surprised by your honest, don't-tell-anyone answers.

Oh, tonight's drawing? Sure, I'll buy a ticket. One ticket. I'll grin, feel an extra bump of my heart as I clutch the tiny scrap of paper.

Expect to win? Nope. I'll leave that for someone else. Me, I've got all I need, thanks. :)