Saturday, November 03, 2012


With the cooler weather, I'm baking up a storm. I have a sweet spot for apple pie, so it seems as if I go from pie crust to pie crust, mixing and rolling more often than I should admit! The funny thing is, my neighbors are quite happy because the pies migrate. I can't eat them all--I'd be huge if I did!--but I really like baking them. Seems I've got a craving for the scent of apple pie filling the house!

Any cravings at your house? Hmm?

C'mon...confess! I did!

Friday, November 02, 2012


Sometimes writing feels a lot like sailing. When the wind's just right, the sails where they should be and the deck sturdy underfoot, the feeling is heartstoppingly fabulous. Feels like flying over the water; no obstacles or distractions, just full on, full speed ahead.

When the words are flowing effortlessly, the feelings are the same. No bumps. No holding back. No barriers.

That's the way this new book is going. Page after page, just coming together the way it should without any annoying obstacles. I am having a great time writing it, love the way the characters are interacting and the way the plot's twists make me laugh.

Love my job. Yes, I really love my job.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mis Amigos

Aren't they sweet? These are a couple of mis amigos. They are fun and loving, and I'm one lucky woman to be able to say these great guys are part of my life. Just thought I'd share a happy moment with you today!