Thursday, August 30, 2007


Do you make lists? I do, lots of 'em. Lists to remind me to buy ketchup or cereal, lists to prompt me to stop at the bank, library or card store, looong lists designed to keep correspondence under control and dog-eared lists reminding me of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. The point is, I think I'd flounder without an array of lists. How on earth would I know what to do next? Where to go? What to buy? I can see myself just stolling aimlessly through the grocery store, my cart empty and a puzzled expression on my face. Not a pretty sight.

So, I make lists. They keep me on track--mostly.

As the month ends, I'm struggling to cross off the items left on my August to-do list. The blasted thing seems to have grown--either that, or I'm getting senile. Who put all this stuff on my list? Canning tomatoes, rewrites, new book, you think anyone would notice if I started deleting list items? :)

Tell me, do you have a list? Or are you one of those winging-it folks?

And if you're a winger, could you teach me how to do that, too?!


Marianne Arkins said...

If I don't write it down it never happened, and never will...LOL.

I am ever a slave to my incredibly long lists :-)