Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First Blog

The first post is, I think, always the hardest. You sit and stare at the screen, wondering if you've got anything to say that's worth saying. Anything that might just interest someone, somewhere . . . even the tiniest little bit. Hmm . . . your mind works double-time, your heart races and your blood pressure builds as surely as the pressure inside your car's radiator when you're sitting in traffic on a hot summer day, willing the car ahead of you to move--just move already!--then suddenly . . . nothing. No movement. No big, billowing clouds of steam. No huge, earth-shattering thoughts. You're just sitting there. Still. Sitting. There. The best thing to do, I think, is to merely sit. That's it. Just sit the first one out. After all, the second time around is always easier than the first, don't you think? So the only thing I'm going to do is say, "Hello. Welcome to my blog." I'll see you again. Real soon, I hope. :-)