Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Way Out

Recently I chatted with a dear friend who is deep into the NaNo experience. She's going to make the word count this year. Congrats, you-know-who! I'm so proud of you.

But we weren't talking about NaNo or word counts. The topic of conversation was one that anyone who's written a book knows intimately...

That's right. We were talking about the dreaded dragging middle. She's stuck in the middle, hating the experience and looking for some way out.

Me? I'm no help. I call it as I see it. No gilding the writing lily from me, sorry.

My advice...keep the butt in the chair. Deal with the draggy bits. Make them exciting, even if you hate them. Annoying characters? Give them a face lift, a keyboard makeover. Pull 'em back into line. Remember, you're the boss of this expedition. You drive the bus--tell those suckers sitting behind you to shape up...or else!

The only way to get to the Valhalla of writing words, "The End", is by going straight through the middle. There's just one way out if you expect that fabulous idea, cast of oh-so intriguing characters and fat file to actually become a decent book. Keep your butt in the chair. Keep writing. No shortcuts.

And, you don't have to like every moment of the process. I think some people think that writing a book is a lark. It's not. It's hard work.

But, if you keep at it, those two beautiful words are the last you'll write before pressing the save button. You know the words. Me, too. Currently I'm dragging a boatload of zombies through a jungle, working my way toward The End.

After reading this post, you'll probably never approach me for writing advice, will you?

Oh, boy. So, what's going on with you?

Wishing you a peaceful day!


Shearer's Girl said...

This is so true. People do have a romantic view of writing and crafts as well. There's a lot of hard work and backache goes into these enterprises. I love the image of the bus!

Wendy said...

Your advice is exactly what I need! Oh, and have fun with those zombies slogging through the jungle. :)

Anonymous said...

Your advice is perfect. Tell it like it is!

Sue W.

Melissa McClone said...

Great advice!

Mary said...

Your advice must work. You keep writing great books. I can't wait to read your swimming zombies!!