Monday, May 04, 2009


Yesterday I took a walk around the property before our guests arrived. It was one of those head-clearing walks. You know the kind.

April was an undeniably busy month around here. May? It looks like it's going to be even more hectic. The good news is that the flurry of activity is all good. The not-so-great news? May, like April was, will be a challenge on the writing front. I spent April hopping between three wips and definitely don't want to do that again. No, I need to choose one direction and go with it.

So... The walk. I mulled. I mused. I walked. I tripped over a fallen branch. I got back up, swore at the branch, laughed, then kept walking. Just above the pond, off the beaten track, I spied these two daffodils. They grow in an uncut spot, all alone and without any nurturing or encouragement.

They amazed me with their beauty. Their determination. Their adventurous spirit.

They gave me an idea.

Now I know what direction I'll take with my May writing. Don't you just love it when things like that happen? What about you? Is there anyplace you go in search of inspiration? Are you a walker? A muller? A rambler?

Happy Monday!


Dru said...

I get inspirations from things around me. Sometimes a word here, a picture there, a phone call or my internal thoughts will give me what I need to proceed with the task ahead.

I'm glad you got the direction you need to proceed. Look forward to seeing the end result..

Have a great Monday.

Melissa McClone said...

Showers seem to be where my characters talk to me or story ideas come. Though to refill the well, I like hiking around a lake that is within walking distance of my house.