Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Cat Tale

Hi. It's me, Piglet. I hijacked--ahem!--stole--ah... I graciously offered to blog today, although Sarita doesn't know it. She's not even here now. No, really. I've got her desk chair all to myself and I must say I find it pretty comfy. Yes, pretty comfy indeed. I might just decide to settle in right here, blog every day and play Scrabulous when I'm not writing.

Huh? Where's Sarita? You're not missing her, are you? I didn't think you were.

What? Gee, you really do get testy when you want to know something, don't you?

Well, since you asked, Sarita's in the greenhouse. She's up to her neck in little plants in pots. It looks like she'll be there most of the day, too. There were lots of seedlings to be transplanted.

I offered to help her, you know. It's not like I just sat by and let her take the whole chore on by herself. No, I offered to chew down some of those seedlings for her--just so she didn't have to transplant the darn things, you know--but she turned me down. Flat. And with one of those looks.

You know the look I mean, don't you? It's the one where her eyebrows merge into one flat line and her nose gets all scrunched up and...well, you know. The Look. When I see The Look I back right off, believe me--especially when she gives it before she's had her morning coffee.

Gotta watch a caffeine-free woman wearing gardening gloves and a scowl...

Hope you have a meowy nice Saturday. Me? I'm going to sit in the cool wood mulch beside the greenhouse and lisen to Sarita sing along with the stereo. She does that while she works, you know. The sound takes me back to my younger days, when I was just a wee kitten and I'd hear coyotes howling in the distance...


Dru said...

LOL...remember Piglet, Sarita feeds you. howling coyotes, too funny.

Have a great weekend!