Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Proportions

I apologize for missing our Monday morning chat. I hope you'll excuse me for being AWOL; we had thunderstorms here and between those and an anniversary celebration the day just got past me. Anyhow, I hope you had a lovely start to the week. Ours was a bit damp, but otherwise good.

We've been watching the Olympics. I loved the opening many amazing things, like the drummers and moving cubes that were powered by people, to entertain and astound. In this era of computer-generated images and mechanized everything (at least that's how it seems!) it was refreshing to see so much of the show put on with lots of skill, sweat and dedication. Wonderfully Olympic, I thought.

Although we don't generally watch a lot of television, we've been turning it on intermittently and checking in on things. The athletes blow me away, and even those who don't go home with medals are still superheroes in my eyes. Just incredible.

Love learning about China, too. Isn't it a gorgeous country? I see the terracotta warriors, the Great Wall and all the lush scenery and an overwhelming desire to see it all up close sweeps over me. In the past I've considered Chinese as an interesting language to learn; now I really would love to be able to speak it. Anyone willing to teach me? Hmm?

What about you? Are you watching? Enjoying?

In other good news, my dad arrives tomorrow for a three-week visit. We are very excited!

I suspect my computer time will be almost zilch but that's fine. I think I need a break from working, although I'll miss visiting with online friends. I'm going to try and keep to my thrice-weekly posts but I probably won't get to bloghop. We'll all just have to catch up when dad goes home. Actually, I'll probably be blue after he goes home, so I hope you'll all help cheer me up. :)


Melissa McClone said...

I'm watching and loving the Olympics. I haven't watched so much TV in ages. It's been fun!

Anonymous said...

Me too. We're watching the Olympics and loving it.

Have fun with your dad!!


Dru said...

I'm watching and enjoying the Olympics especially when we have come from behind or unexpected wins.

Enjoy your visit with your dad.