Saturday, August 02, 2008

Making a Difference

Have you seen this? It's a story about a lion, a couple of guys with big hearts and the desire to make a least, in the life of Christian the lion. I love this story, and have watched the video a bunch of times. I've got to admit, it gets me every time. Every. Single. Time.

I love the idea these guys opened their hearts and homes to a creature whose future didn't look all that promising. Who knows what might have happened to this lion had it not been taken in? I hate to even speculate...visions of bars and cages make me shudder.

The best part, I think, is that even after being out in the wild, Christian remembered those who had done him such a great kindness. In his heart, he knew the men were family--not dinner.

Just wanted to share this happy newstory with you.

Hope you've got a relaxing weekend planned. Me? Oh, just the same old, same old. You know...gardening, writing, maybe taking a walk in the forest. There are all sorts of colorful flowers blooming beneath trees now. I love to poke around and "discover" them. :)


Anonymous said...

I watched this a couple of times! Those guys must have been loving it that the lion remembered them. I cannot even consider what it must be like to live with a cat that big.

Pam :^)

Dru said...

The video bought tears to my eyes. They say animals remember those who were kind to them. Thanks for sharing the video.

have a good Saturday.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

It made me cry, too! Animals really do remember.

When we adopted our puppy two years ago, my 80 year old dad was one of his biggest champions. I worried that this hyper beast of a dog --who turned out to be WAY bigger than we ever dreamed he'd be--would hurt the kids. My dad always told me to have faith in the dog --he could see in his eyes how gentle he was, and babied him like no one else. One of my most treasured photos is of Tanner, at just a few months old, curled in Papa's lap, even though he was way too big to be a lap dog even then.

When Tanner was just four months old, my dad had a stroke that left him with senile dementia. It was many, many months before Tanner and Grandpa got to see one another again, and by then my overgrown pup was an 85 pound powerhouse who could easily knock my 6 foot 200 lb. husband over if he jumped just right. I worried about him getting too excited at seeing Grandpa again, especially now that dad was so frail.

I kept Tanner leashed until my dad could get into the house and in a chair--all the while Tanner was whining and wriggling with excitement. I fully expected him to take one leap and land on my dad with a mighty thud. But he didn't. He walked over, licked my dad's arm and then put his chin on dad's knee and let out this big sigh as if to say "THERE you are." I still choke up when I think of that reunion.

As my dad would say--animals know. And btw he was right. He may be a mighty beast, but Tanner is the most gentle dog you'll ever meet. So long as he doesn't get so excited he knocks you over!

Anonymous said...

I love this story. So sweet. sounds like you're going to have a peaceful weekend!

take care,

Marianne Arkins said...

I balled like a baby... I'm such a sucker.