Thursday, May 03, 2007


Oh! The azure blue sky...warm breezes, soft as a lover's caress...birdsong...yes, spring is here and it's calling me--loudly.

Writing is joyful, yet there are days--like today--where it becomes a test, a battle of sorts. A fight, if you will, between what you're tempted to do and what you know you should actually do.

I fought temptation all day long.

The morning came so bright and sunny, and we had tomato plants that desperately needed I succumbed to temptation. I played outside.

Then the herb garden...well, it needed weeding so badly, and the breeze...well, it was just so very sweet. So again, I gave in. I played outside.

When I heard the noon whistle, well...I picked daffodils. Why? Because honestly, how could we have lunch at a table where yesterday's daffodils were droopy?

Then it was lunchtime. Everyone knows it's impossible to write on an empty stomach. Impossible! So, of course, I ate. Wouldn't you?

Finally I gave in to temptation completely. I threw my hands up and gave myself over totally to what called me...softly, sweetly, invitingly...deliciously.

I went inside, sat at my laptop and I wrote. Yes, I wrote. I lost myself in the joy and beauty of Chapter Five for long enough to write six new pages. Six pages filled with action and adventure, love and laughter.

Yes, I gave in to temptation today. I gave in in the morning. In the middle of the day. And in the afternoon, too.

Because, you see, for some of us, temptation comes in many forms.