Saturday, May 12, 2007


Ah, good morning! It's Saturday and I don't know about you but I'm ready for a little down time. Some playing in the sunshine, some time away from the desk.

So what am I doing here? I just wanted to give the blog a fast makeover. What do you think? I figured it was time for a little change, so I've been sitting here playing around with the colors for about an hour. So many choices! But those of you that know me know how I feel about purple -- I mean really, it is the best color! So it's no surprise I chose purple on the blog, at least for a while.

Makeovers of a bigger sort are less easy to find a direction, or a color, for. We are going to have new siding installed on our house in the next few weeks. Talk about choices!! Egads, there are so many to make! New front door, a window or two...those bits are relatively easy. But siding? We've decided what kind of siding, now we choose the color.

I shudder to think of it. We have a good idea of what we want, and are leaning toward a color choice but there are so many things to consider. Will it look as good in ten years as it will now? Will the color be so out of style the house is dated looking? But really, the house will be dated no matter what color it is...won't it be?

In the end we may toss a coin. No, not really. We've pretty much chosen the color, and it was honestly pretty easy to do. Because really, is a color choice that important? And who cares about what it looks like tomorrow as long as we're pleased today?

And now that we've got all the color choices settled, I'm ready for some fun. Although my hair is starting to call for a


Anonymous said...

love the new look!!! Just finishe Freedom's Touch and I loved that too! What a super book-great job!!!