Sunday, May 20, 2007

Settling in?

Recently I was in the aisle of a crowded store. I'd had a rough day, or at least a full day. Up at four to write, then early morning doctor visits, errands after that with barely a moment to grab lunch, more errands and finally the crowded store. Let's just say I wasn't feeling my best. All right, I'll tell the truth. By that time I felt frazzled. Hair barely combed, makeup in need of freshening, jeans baggy and me? Just plain pooped.

Then I met someone in the aisle I hadn't seen in a long while. We exchanged the usual banter, a few minutes of polite conversation, and all was going well. My ice cream was melting in my cart but aside from that, no problems. Until the conversation veered toward my upcoming novel's release. Snowdance will be out on August 1st and this person was, apparently, shocked by that idea.

As I write this I'm laughing but at that moment, when she said (in a less-than-whisper-soft voice), "A book?! YOU'RE GETTING A BOOK PUBLISHED?!" I felt my heart stop. Just for an instant, the moment when over her shoulder I saw a few heads turn, a couple of curious stares, a raised eyebrow or two, my heart actually stopped. I know it did. I felt it. Yeah, it stopped.

I plastered on my smile-through-anything smile and nodded. "Yes, I am. Snowdance comes out on August 1st. It's a wonderful thing. I'm very happy about it."

My heart began to beat again. Life went on. I wasn't so horribly embarrassed that I had to run outside and dig a hole to climb into. I didn't die on the spot. None of the author-in-the-closet nightmares I've had happened. Oh, and my clothes didn't disappear. I wasn't left standing naked in the crowded store, like I've always imagined I would be in a situation like that.

So what does this mean? Am I finally getting used to the idea of being, even for an instant, in the public eye? I definitely don't want this to happen again, although I'm pretty sure it will, from time to time. I've found that others are more amazed by the whole book-writing thing than I am, for the most part. But I think this little rumpled episode means I'm you think?...could it be? I...gulp...settling in to this author thing?


I think it might. Yes, I think it just might...

Me? I'm just glad my clothes didn't disappear. Very glad.


Anonymous said...

You always crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Sarita - I felt all of those emotions with you - way to go!!!!