Friday, September 14, 2007

What goes up...

must come down? I guess, although I've got to admit my heart fell a little bit, too, when I saw this morning that Snowdance has slipped from the number 2 position on their "Hot Titles" list to--gasp!-- number 6.

Snowdance spent the first four weeks of its release in the number 1 spot. Then its spent another two weeks at number 2. I guess I can't complain but it looks like the wild ride at the top of the list is over.

Or is it? Who knows? That's one of the most interesting things about being an author, not knowing from minute to minute what your book is doing, who is reading it or what any given reader is thinking about it. It's sort of like walking on styrofoam blocks. At any instant the floor could squash a little bit or the next step could be on something that feels fairly solid. You just never know...

There isn't anything I'd rather be doing! I love the thrill of it all. And the view from the number 6 spot is still pretty darn good! :)

Have a great weekend.


Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... I opened up TWRP today and discovered that "Pregnancy Cravings", released more than two weeks ago, had a sudden surge. It's at number three overall! How did that happen? Doesn't it usually peak during it's release week when everyone's all excited?

You never know... Snowdance may do the same thing!