Monday, September 03, 2007

Snowdance review

Snowdance is an all American gem. A delightfully honest account of one woman’s life from birth to her final days, this is a story that brings forth the full spectrum of emotions from joy to sorrow. The ending is completely unexpected and totally unforgettable.
The part that amazed me most was that this story completely takes place during the span of one day. Elinor Montoya is an elderly woman, home alone, watching a snowstorm from her window. She’s almost one hundred and it seems this may very well be her last day on earth. She sits beside the window, watching the snow fall, and contemplates her life. Using memories and a small box filled with precious letters, she tells the whole story of her existence. Her entire life has been lived in the house where she sits but she’s had a full, rich life. Even at the end, she’s not fearful of death but joyful over the experiences she’s had. Chronicling almost a century of change, Snowdance tells the tale of a life well lived in an ever changing world.
Snowdance needs no artifice, no extra window dressing to make it a knockout. The series of tales that carry the reader through Elinor’s birth to the day of the story are wonderful, endearing glimpses into an American life. Not all the memories this old woman has are happy. Some are painful and there are things in her life that are definite obstacles that she had overcome. Elinor’s fortitude and intelligence are commendable, and along with the love she so freely showers on those around her, make her a remarkable woman. She is a character that comes to life, and the reader is pulled right into her extraordinary world. Using vivid images, with a rhythm that is almost soothing in its steadiness, Ms. Leone weaves a tale of love, bravery and personal integrity that is compelling. Snowdance is an enchanting story. Bravo, Ms. Leone, for an outstanding read!
Reviewed by: Carly


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