Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Morsus Diem

Often I am asked how I manage to squeeze so much into a day. Writing, canning, freezing, quilting, gardening...the list goes on and on. I've got tons of interests and, as we all know, there are only so many hours to each day.

"How do you do it?" people ask.

I smile and think, How could I not?

But I've got to admit I've got a little technique I use for squashing things into a day, a Latin-inspired trick.

I get up early. Sometimes very early. While the world sleeps, I write. That way, by the time the sun comes up I'm ready to move on to other adventures. This morning, for instance. It's still dark yet I've been up for two hours already. Working on reworking Vineyard Mambo. This afternoon I'll begin writing my next book, and I won't feel guilty for not working on tweaking VM. Not one bit.

You see, I'll have already put my time in on that manuscript. Get it? A Latin trick.

We all know that "Carpe diem" means "Seize the day." Wonderful credo to live by. Seize the day. Take advantage of every moment alloted to you. Do what you want to do today rather than tomorrow--for who knows how many tomorrows we really have? As I said, a great expression to keep in mind.

I have a few other Latin expressions I live by. Let me share them with you...

Tendo diem. Stretch the day. Well, really, that's what getting up before the rooster is all about. I have to stretch time somehow, don't I?

Basium diem. Kiss the day. And why not? Cherish each day, kiss it as if it were a lover. Who knows how many more times I'll feel the touch of this particular lover's lips on mine? Yeah, I'll kiss each day--hard.

Utor diem. Enjoy the day. Self-explanatory, that one.

Diligo diem. Love the day. Also needs no 'splainin'.

And lastly, two of my favorites. The first so telling of my character, I think.

Morsus diem. Bite the day. Don't let time pass without taking a taste of everything. It won't all be pleasing to my palate but at least I'll know I took a taste. Yeah, I bite the days. Try it, you just may find they're sweeter than you think.

And finally...

Exsisto gratias ago pro diem. Be thankful for the day. And I am. Thankful for every moment of every day.

Now, back to writing. Soon the sun will rise. I'll take a moment to see it peek over the horizon, glad that I've done my Latin stretching exercises and am ready to Saluto diem--Greet the day.


Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor. ;^)

Anonymous said...

I never know what I'm going to learn here. Latin, too funny.