Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Round-Up

November has been such a good month, hasn't it? I'm sure you've realized by now that it's one of my favorite times of the year. But honestly, there isn't a month I don't enjoy so I don't know how much stock I'd put in my November appreciation! *G*

Still, I love the whole NaNo challenge. I enjoy working with others, even from a distance. I am tickled that I've got two first drafts completed and while they both need work the stories are essentially told. No complaints about that. I've loved mentoring my newbies, and plan to do so again next year with a new set of NaNo newcomers. And I have enjoyed encouraging fellow authors, and watching many of them experience the joy of a successful NaNo. All in all, a great month writing-wise.

The weekly contests have been fun for me, too. I've given away a bunch of books which I hope will make for interesting winter reading for a few kind visitors. I plan to continue a weekly contest through December, so keep commenting if you'd like to be entered.

Everyone loves Thanksgiving, so I won't go on about that. We had a joyful, peaceful holiday filled with family and friends. It was a delightful way to "launch" the winter holiday season.

Now as I look forward to December, I smile because these past weeks have been such good ones. I hope they have been for you, too.

What's on your December agenda? Anything you'd care to share?


Well, I plan to begin writing a new novel tomorrow. I hope to get the first draft done in a few weeks. That way I'll have plenty of downtime before beginning JaNoWriMo. The December book is pretty much in my mind and I've already got a plan for its submission so hopefully it'll be an easy write. Fingers crossed!

Oh! Sandswept, the second in the Chincoteague Island Mystery Series, releases in December! I'm so excited that this book is coming out. It's a darker sort of story, and I hope readers will enjoy it.

Speaking of books, I've recently gotten requests for signed books that will find homes beneath Christmas trees. How much fun is that? I am tickled readers are giving my novels as gifts! There's plenty of time to get signed books from me to you so if you'd like any as gifts, please just drop me an email. I'll gladly sign them to your Aunt Bertha, Uncle Bob or anyone else!

Besides that? I'm just going to relax. Listen to holiday music. Bake. Wrap packages. Take long walks in the snow with Hubby. Enjoy the peace and blessings of the season.

I hope you do the same. Thanks for spending November with me. I hope you'll come back next month!


Marianne Arkins said...

November was a trial for me, lol ... December will be a return to normal THANK THE HEAVENS AND ALL THAT'S HOLY.

Just saying.


Dru said...

November was fun. For us at the office December will be trying.

Have a good Sunday!

Melissa McClone said...

I will spend this first week of December finishing up revisions and then deciding what book to write next.

On the home front it'll be Advent and preparing for Christmas. Fun times ahead!