Monday, November 03, 2008

New Free Whiskey!

That got your attention, didn't it?

I am tickled to tell you that my Press Pass Corfu is the Free Whiskey short story for the month of November at Whiskey Creek Press. It's true; a free read! I hope you'll head over there and download it. I hope, too, you enjoy reading this short romance.

Find it here.

November is still young but it's shaping up to be a great month. What about you? Are you enjoying November so far?

Today I'm going to work on the new novel for a while. Then Hubby and I are going to shift some stuff around in the big barn. There's so much summer lawn furniture, statuary and garden equipment in there now it's hard to get around. I can't have the mess lurking in there all winter; it'll bug me for certain. So we'll make order of chaos and we'll all sleep easier this winter.

What kind of day do you have planned?


Wendy said...

Sweetie, you are either burning the midnight oil, or you're up WAY before the crack of dawn!

My day - hmmm - getting the Christmas stuff out of boxes and onto the shelves in my store. What fun!

Marianne Arkins said...

My day... um... writing, blowing my nose, walking the dog, blowing my nose, stoking the fire, blowing my nose...


Unknown said...

I love free reads. Thank you!!

Today I'm going to clean my house. It needs it after the Halloween candyfest. Don't ask!! LOL

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks for the link, I can't wait to download it.

Today I went to the doctors to have my hands examined. I will write later.

Anonymous said...

Today is catch-up day. But there are no afterschool classes, we're between sports, and I voted already.

The most taxing thing I have to do is drop 14 at the pool after dinner and hit the grocery store for a quick stop.

Other than that, it's write, write, write.

Dru said...

hmm, I can't remember but I'm sure it was good.

Dru said...

I just downloaded your story and look forward to reading it.