Monday, December 01, 2008

E nter, December

I've got to admit it. I love December. Everything about it. The music. The food. The way strangers smile at each other. Midnight Mass. Small secrets, kept with love. I just love it all.

We've begun putting out our holiday decorations and they make me feel like a kid again. Which, I assure you, is a near-miracle given the fact that my kiddie years are in the distant *sigh* past. Yesterday morning we hauled boxes of stuff from the barn loft into the house, moving swiftly beneath an ominous, gray sky. I worried we'd have to call our decorating spree off due to inclement weather but my concern was wasted. Old Man Winter must've known better than to begin blowing and snowing on our parade! He waited until we'd brought the decorations inside, and I was grateful for his consideration.

It's always heartwarming to unwrap the "treasures" in our holiday boxes. The preserved dough hand of a child. Cards from years gone by, some with letters written by those we've loved but have had to bid farewell. Trinkets picked up during years of marriage. Heirlooms, bits and pieces that come together and tell the history of our families. Of our life. Things that would mean nothing to someone else but bring immediate laughter as we painstakingly unwrap. Discover. Relive. Yeah, there's joy in the boxes.

So, enter December! Bring your wave of cheer and good tidings!

What about you? Are you as jazzed as we are to welcome the new month? And what's in your treasure boxes? Anything you'd like to share with us?


Marianne Arkins said...

Aside from the balls my DH insists we put on the tree, all of the ornaments come with a memory, so it's always fun and interesting to unpack them, one by one.

I'm a sentimental fool, so I tend to fondle them and remember before I hang each one.

Not such a big fan of December, though, cuz ... yanno... COLD and SNOW.

Wendy said...

Hubby is picking up the tree (I HAVE to have a real one) this afternoon, so by the time today is over, the house will smell "piney" and there will be decorations everywhere. However, this is the month I almost miss the prairies. Not much for cold and snow on the west coast and it hardly seems like Christmas without a bit of the white stuff. Sigh.

Dru said...

I like December because in less than 30 days a new year begins.

I don't have much holiday things here except for the Hallmark ornament that sings and the snowman snowglobe.

Anonymous said...

Sarita, the tree was up on Thanksgiving. My child insisted. I'm so tired from all these days of decorating... We've got an advent-calendar loaded with decorations that the daughter takes out daily to add to her tree. But even the Christmas gifts are wrapped. ;) I'm tired... But I'm certain I'll have to bake some pumpkin cookies! At least, I can write now.

Diane Craver said...

I'm happy it's December now, too. I'm excited about Christmas this year!

Have a great evening, Sarita!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the holidays. We didn't do much decorating this year. Opted to go treeless because both cats eat the tree needles. Even the fake ones. And I just don't have it in me to clean up cat barf every morning for the next month.

We did decorate the fireplace, tho' and it's nice and cheery.

Will you post pix of your decorating?

candy1959 said...

I also love December and Christmas. Though this will be my first Christmas without my father who passed away this past March. I try to think on all the good things & times we shared instead. But, i must admit Thanksgiving ust felt very odd without him. I look forward to hopefully some snow, because we hardly ever get any here in Douglasville, GA. But hey, you never know we might just get lucky.

Anonymous said...

I love the cozy feel of the holidays, the sense of renewal as the light returns after the solstice; I'm used to a cold December but would someday like to experience the holiday season in the southern hemisphere!