Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nimble Fingers

Thursday afternoon I got my hair cut. Not just a little, make-it-look-presentable-again trim but a major cut.

I have worn my hair long and short and have been pleased with it both ways. Recently it reached halfway down my back. While I like being able to style it in lots of ways the truth is that most of the time I pulled it back, either with a favorite silver clip or into a ponytail. I suspect the pulled-back style is one favored by authors. It keeps hair from falling into the eyes, something that can be annoying and distracting when you're trying to focus on writing.

Anyhow, I needed a change. Boy oh boy, did I get one! Kristin, my hairdresser, has magic fingers. Without batting an eye she set to work with flying hands and snapping scissors. She cut off so much hair that when it was swept into a pile it looked like an animal had curled up for a nap beside her beauty chair. A good-sized animal, at that!

I feel like a new woman. Well...all right, not exactly a new woman but one whose head feels considerably lighter. I woke this morning without feeling like I had been strangled by rogue seaweed or steroidal pasta. And that, my friends, is a very good thing.

What about you? Does a hairstyle change rev you up?

I've got to admit, I am feeling energized. Who knows what can happen to a woman whose head has shed enough hair to build a pet? Anythng's possible!


Dru said...

I keep my hair very short, but you know, after it gets cut, I do feel an energy boost. I bet it has to do with a load off one's head.

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi !!!
Boy do I need a new hairstyle I have been looking into the ones that are very short but the front is longer then the back just keep your fingers crossed I am going to be a new woman LOL

Anonymous said...

I've been toying with a short cut, but Hubs keeps reminding me that I HATE my hair short.

If only there was a haircut that could give me thin, straight hair. I'd give that a try.