Sunday, November 02, 2008

Newbies and Hiking Boots

I'm not going to bore you with daily NaNo details. My author page at NaNo is here. I'd love it if you visited now and again! I'm going to post the first excerpt in the next day or two so that's the spot to see how my November novel is coming along.

What's especially exciting for me this year is that I've "adopted" a couple of Newbies. Newbies, or first-time NaNo participants, have a forum where they post a bit about themselves, their novels and their desired qualifications in a mentor. I volunteered to mentor a few very interesting, highly motivated and soon-to-be-successful novel writers. Yes, we're thinking very positively here!

It was easy to become emotionally invested in these aspiring novelists. I remember how I felt during my first NaNo, so sharing the joy that comes with this first attempt is like reliving my own first National Novel Writing Month. I want these writers to succeed, so anything I can do to facilitate that is well worth the time and effort. Who knows? Maybe one of my adopted novelists will write the next great literary novel. Anything can happen, can't it, with enough determination and perserverance? So, I'm nudging my new friends along this month, something that is, so far, giving me great joy.

Not much else is new this bright, crisp Sunday morning. I'm preparing to write for a little while. Then I'm going to make waffles. After that I think I may coax Hubby into taking a nice, long walk in the forest. Soon we'll need snowshoes to walk but now we're still able to get by with hiking boots. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. So now that you know what we'll be doing today...what about you? Any plans?

Hope you have a great Sunday!


Marianne Arkins said...

Word count is boring? **sigh**

Good for you, mentoring those newbies! Where do you find the time?

Hope you have a wonderful hike.

Unknown said...

Your enthusiasm motivates me. It seems like you are off to a wonderful start. Where will the book excerpt show up? I did not see it.

Hope you have fun hiking.

Dru said...

I think that is excellent that you're mentoring.