Monday, November 10, 2008

Notes for a Monday

Good morning! I hope you had a peaceful, relaxing weekend.

Here on the farm we had one of those kick-back-and-chill weekends. Saturday's rain kept us indoors but yesterday we braved the cloudy day to take a long hike in the forest.

Now that the leaves are off the trees more light filters through to the forest floor. Even with its stark pre-winter bareness, the forest is alive and there are so many things to see and enjoy. Patches of irridescent green moss. An owl peering down at us from a Tamarac branch. The hint of movement near the stone outcroppings. A fox? Turkey? Maybe a deer? Walking in the forest is an adventure I always enjoy--even on gloomy, overcast days!

Today I plan to work on my NaNo novel, bake cookies (I know I baked cookies yesterday but Hubby requested fig cookies so I'll bake a batch for him this morning.), do laundry and watch the snow fall. Probably in that order, too. A pretty quiet day here at our house.

Before I begin writing, though, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you. It'll only take a moment, I promise. Well, maybe two moments...

First, I want to thank Amy for kindly awarding me an "I Love Your Blog" award. What a great way to start the week! The truth is, Amy's is one of the blogs I begin my day with. Her posts about her sons really are heartwarming. She's smart, funny and I feel like I'm visiting with a neighbor when I make my daily stop. I know the rules of the award state that I'm supposed to pass it on but since I passed it on last week I'll leave it at that. Amy, you've made my day! Thanks so much!

Just wanted to remind you that my short story, Press Pass Corfu, is available for free all month long from Whiskey Creek Press. Have you downloaded your copy yet? If you haven't, please do! Find it here.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I posted a short excerpt from my NaNo novel, A Morning Glory Christmas. I hope you'll take a peek. My NaNo page is right here.

I think that's it. See? I told you I'd only take a few moments of your time this morning. :)

So what about you? How was your weekend? How's your Monday shaping up? Anything you'd care to share?

Whatever you do, wherever you go, I hope the day is a good one for you.


Dru said...

I love the excerpt on your NaNo novel. I wonder why she feels the way she feels.

My weekend was pleasant except for waking up with a scratchy throat which I still have this morning.

Have a pleasant Monday!

Anonymous said...

Today is about write, write, write because ALL the boys (children and spouse alike) are home tomorrow.

And maybe some grocery shopping. We seem to be running low on food.

Have a great day!

Melissa McClone said...

My day will be all about the book once I take hubby to physical therapy this morning!

More cookies. Sigh... I bought chocolate chips yesterday, but don't think the kidlets could pull that off on their own. Maybe I can convince hubby to supervise from the couch!

Wendy said...

It's a NaNo day for sure . . . after I clean the house and get a load of laundry in. Hubby and #3 child are coming home tonight after driving a U-Haul across the country. I think they are in Montana now.

Marianne Arkins said...

I had big plans for today... got sidelined by my cold which finally HAMMERED me.

Spent most of the day on the couch.


Feeling better now.

And, I love the excerpt!