Monday, January 30, 2012


I had a nice, calm, quiet weekend. No commitments, pressure or schedule. Just perfectly random hours spent doing whatever came my way.

Saturday I spent with family, taking a spur-of-the-moment adventure which proved fun and productive. Both good, no? My mom and I browsed through shops, picked up a few necessary items and several totally nonessential bits and pieces. We had a blast, and to his credit my step-dad schlepped around behind us without a grumble of protest. Now that's a good guy!

Sunday? A blue sky lured me outdoors. Trekking through a forest, stacking firewood and sitting beneath a leafless maple tree, contemplating my spring vegetable garden, was the extent of my exertions.

Now I'm ready to tackle reworking the remainder of the last book. I'm still going through it, tweaking and, in a few spots, rewriting. Remember, I wrote the last chapters in Mexico, under the influence of, ah, a mudslide or two. Okay, maybe there were three mudslides involved, but no more than that. Regardless, the last chapters are a bit looser than I'd like them, with spare words and random sentences that are being purged. Evidently I become verbose when sipping mudslides.

Note to self: No mudslides while writing.

So, that's my weekend and Monday in a nutshell. What about you? Did you have a pleasant weekend? And what are your plans for this gorgeous Monday?


Maria Zannini said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, Sarita.

Mine was all work and no play, but maybe I'll get a break this weekend.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Sounds lovely. :)
I had a pretty quiet weekend. Went out to dinner with the hubby and my brother and sister in law on Saturday, which was spur of the moment. Very nice.

Mary said...

Your weekend sounds ideal.

I spent the weekend straightening out closets. It was a good job for the chilled weekend.

Dru said...

I love your weekend.

This weekend I spent reading, napping and quilting.

Today I saw the movie "One For The Money" and I enjoyed it.

Have a good evening.