Monday, January 02, 2012

Beachy Holiday

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season filled with joy and peace.

Me? I had a holiday adventure. I grabbed my passport, hopped on a plane and flew off to a place I've never seen before. I had great experiences and made new, happy memories.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made, choosing joy rather than letting the past continue to consume me. I'm moving forward, and it feels so good.

Thought I'd share a couple of photos this morning, just to get you in a warm-ish sort of mood on this first Monday of the new year.

The view from my balcony. Every morning, a gorgeous sunrise.

The sand was powder-soft and oh, so white. Like walking on a cloud.

The sea looks turquoise. I admit, the color captivated me. I stared for hours, putting my past to rest and looking toward the horizon. Out there, beyond the beautiful blue bands, I see opportunities. I see days filled with laughter. I see hope, and it nourishes my soul.

So, where do you think I went? Any guesses?


Maria Zannini said...

I have no clue where you went, but I wish I was there. :)

Sarita said...

Maria, you would have loved it! It was amazing and gorgeous and just so incredible. I hated to leave...

Mary said...

The water is beautiful. I don't know where it is but I want to go there too!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you went honey but it is incredible looking. I really, really hope you had fun.

Sue W.

Dru said...

The Caribbean?

Sarita said...

Dru, you are such a smart lady. It is in the Caribbean, and oh, so gorgeous!

Sarita said...

Mary, the water was incredibly gorgeous. Just turquoise, warm and refreshing. I loved the swimming.

Sue, I had a blast. Honestly, it was the best thing for me to do over the holidays! Sending hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

I know where you went and I am so so happy for you and I know who else is right there smilling with you and that makes me smile. But next time you need a guide(maybe a 46 yr old Blonde guy that can start a snow blower, well with the help of his VP). Glad to talk to you and here your happiness in your voice.
Love ya.... You know who.