Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We all have them, places we dream of seeing. Experiences we hope to have. Moments we know will steal our breath--if we ever get to experience them. I had one of my someday-maybe-hopefully-I'll-see-that dreams come true when I was in Mexico. And you know what? It was all I'd hoped it would be...and more.

Chichen Itza, which translated from Maya means "the mouth at the well of the wizard"--and if you're reading, Rafael, I remembered!

The ancient Mayan city is on the Yucatan peninsula. To get there, I boarded a tour bus and was taken nearly three hours into the dense jungle. Rafael, our tour guide, regaled us with stories about the Maya people as well as the animals roaming through the jungle outside our bus. I didn't see any jaguars but I had fun looking!

Stepping off the bus and onto the site was like moving back in time. As I said, all my expectations were met. It was actually more than I'd dreamed it might be.

Temple of Kukulkan

It reminded me how small I really am!

One of the serpent heads at the base of the pyramid.

Wouldn't want this guy to bite you, would you?

Temple of the Warriors

There are merchants on the outskirts of the area.

When I stopped to look at some carvings,

I looked up and saw a different view of Kukulkan's temple.

I was amazed and impressed.

So tell me, is there anywhere you're dreaming of going? And if so, are you taking steps to make that dream become reality?


Mary said...

I dream of somewhere warm. Those photographs are gorgeous. So glad you share them.

Anonymous said...