Sunday, December 06, 2009


The first snowfall of the season seems magical. Despite its inherently chilly nature, it warms even the coolest hearts. The initial tentative flakes elicit applause, garner laughter and coax smiles from those whose faces rarely show such emotion. Babies giggle, white-haired folks shake their heads and children dream.

Life is good.

Then, the snow grows bolder. It falls harder, faster and with purpose. Millions of flakes gather, lying one atop the next and covering the ground until no trace of green remains. Eyes open wide in amazement, stories of “good old days” are revisited and the kids pull out toboggans.

Our first snowfall of the season came yesterday afternoon. As expected, it brought wonder, smiles and magic. The season’s first snowplow pass roused a cheer and a wave to the grinning driver. For his part, he honked and returned the wave.

Yes, life is good.

Technically, the first snowfall is still taking place. As I write this slow, lazy fat flakes flutter to the ground. I love to see them drop this way. Their careful descent allows time for examination—albeit a brisk one!—as they pass by the window.

Soon I’ll pull on jeans and a sweater, grab gloves and a hat and head outside to begin this season’s snow-clearing duties. I won’t mind the nip in the air, the slipperiness underfoot or the extra effort it’ll take to haul firewood across the yard.

Me? I’m one of the smiling, dreaming, loving-snow folks who believe that the white stuff spiraling from the sky is truly magical.

So…life is very good here.

What about you? How’s everything in your corner of the world this morning?

Got snow?


Dru said...

There's a nip in the air but alas no snow. :(

Have a good Sunday.

Marianne Arkins said...

I need some of your happy pills to deal with the snow. I was madly in love with our weather up until last night, lol.

Have an awesome day :-)