Monday, December 07, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

I’ve gotten a couple of calls and emails recently from family, friends and acquaintances who want to buy copies of my books to give as holiday gifts. Isn’t that fun? I love the idea that my stories will be wrapped and tucked beneath Christmas trees, stuffed into stockings or handed with a hug from one friend to another.

I love to give books as gifts. I’ve already got a few gift-wrapped and ready to go. No, I won’t tell you what books I’ve chosen for friends and family, but I will say I had a blast choosing them. It’s really kind of neat to know that now I not only choose, but am chosen as well. How fabulous!

Are you hoping to receive books this holiday season? And if you are, do you have a particular title in mind or are you hoping to be surprised?

Me? Hubby knows there’s one book I’m especially hoping to read during the long, lazy early January afternoons. I’m pretty sure I’ll find it wrapped beneath our tree on Christmas morning. Hmm? What book is it? I can’t divulge, but I will say it’s the new one written by my favorite author. And, if he’s true to form, it’ll keep me awake long after the last page has been turned!


Melissa McClone said...

I never get books as gifts, but I've ordered many to give this Christmas! I love picking out books for people, especially children. This the time of year that my Amazon prime membership pays for itself.

Dru said...

I rarely give books for Christmas only because the receiver may already have the book, so sometimes it's better to give them a B&N card.

Marianne Arkins said...

Hmmm.... Stephen King's new one? That looks quite good.

And, I do books for my DD because I know what she already has. For my best friend, I get a BN gift card because I don't.

Last year, everyone got a copy of "One Love for Liv" whether they wanted it or not! LOL...