Saturday, September 13, 2008

You wanna call it what?


The bane of this writer's existence. Well, not really. But they definitely give me a headache. A big one.

I'm almost done writing a book that has no title. Really. I kid you not. This book, which went easily from chapter 1 to just a few pages shy of the end is responsible for the scowl on my face. I loved writing it, enjoyed watching the characters evolve and their situation solidify. I had fun with it, but now that it's coming to crunch time I'm stumped.

If I didn't intend to submit this thing, its being title-less would hardly matter. But I can't very well submit it with the working title, can I? No, I promise you, I most assuredly cannot. Why? Well, uh...all right, I'll admit it. The working title is...well, it's just not appropriate. Not witty or catchy. Not...well, it just won't work, that's all.

Excuse me? The working title?


Well, as long as you don't tell anyone... The working title of the book is WIP PB. See? I told you it wouldn't wash. Work in progress Palm Beach is neither witty nor catchy, and is sure to scare away a publisher.

The good thing is that while WIP PB is still unnamed, brainstorming titles has given me a few good ones for upcoming books. And I guess it's a good thing that WIP PB flew from head to screen. Too easily, almost.

This weekend I'll contemplate the list of possible titles I've got for this book because by the end of next week it's going to be out of here. And I'm going to be working on the next book, using one of the titles that wasn't a good fit for this book.

What about you? Have any weekend plans?

Have a nice weekend! :)


Unknown said...

I always wonder where the witty titles come from! Authors must spend a lot of time thinking them up. Glad it isn't part of my job description!! *G*

This weekend I'm going to clean my house!

Melissa McClone said...

I spend no time on my working titles because they always get changed. My last book, the title was just what another author had come up with when we submitted a trilogy proposal. And yes, they changed that one. The only one they didn't change that I was sure they would was Marriage for Baby. I named it that because that's what the book was about, but they actually kept that one.

Dru said...

Good luck with your title search. I'm sure whichever one you pick will work beautifully with your story.

This weekend I'm taking my first post-stroll on the boardwalk and will enjoy ocean breeze.

Dru said...

oops, that should say "post-surgery stroll".

Wendy said...

The title will simply pop into your head when you least expect it.