Monday, September 08, 2008

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that somehow the world pretty much gives you what you need, when you need it? I've realized this before but it's one of those things I just sort of forget...until it happens again. Has it ever happened to you?

As you know, my dad went back to Florida last week after a wonderful extended stay with us. We loved, loved, LOVED having him here. So sending him home? It was hard. Really hard. I've got to admit that although I'm generally a happy, smiling, cheerful sort I was bummed after he left. Really bummed.

To be quite blunt, I was pretty sad. In a blue funk. Really not wanting to see anyone, talk to anyone or do much of anything besides spending time with Hubby and Piglet. Not normal behavior for me, that's for sure. But there you have it.

Almost instantly after we got home from the airport I sat down with my laptop, opened a new document and began to write a new book. Easily started, flowing well and doing exactly what I wanted it to do: it kept me from thinking. From dealing with anyone aside from the characters on the page. From missing my dad.

Well, almost.

I thought I'd figured it out, found a way to get past missing the man we'd love to have living closer to us.

Apparently the world was smarter than I. It gave me what I really needed. A bucketload of what I really needed.

Funny thing, that. The world knew what was best and sent it.

What was it? One of the most important powers in the world. Contact.

From here and there long, newsy emails. Friendly faces, even if on a screen. A card from a friend who lives on the other side of the world. No particular reason for the card; simply one of those "just because" cards. I needed it more last Thursday than on any holiday, believe me. And Saturday a package. An unexpected kindness from a newer friend. I'll tell you, it just made my day!

I needed the human touch, the very thing we were missing so desperately. It came, and I appreciate it more than words can say. While I'm not over missing my dad I'm well on the way to feeling more like my old self. Hubby, too. And Piglet, although she's still searching the farm for Grandpops.

This has been a rough week but the kindness of friends and family, and the world's willingness to send what we most needed, has helped us so much. We're getting back to "normal" here. :)

I suspect the next time you're feeling a little down at the mouth the world will send what you need, when you need it, too. At least I hope it does. I think it will...really, I do.

I'd just like to know how the world knows what to send. Any ideas?

Me? I'm not going to dwell overlong on the mysteries of the world. I've got a book to finish!

Have a great Monday!


Mary said...

I'm glad things are returning to normal for you and your hubby. I had a feeling it would be hard to let your father go home. He seems like he fits in with your life style!

Cannot wait to see what you are writing now!

Marianne Arkins said...

Good luck getting over the blues -- I can completely understand.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea to start another book. You seem to be very focused when you write.

I hope things steadily improve. And remember he'll be back before too long!!


Melissa McClone said...

Hugs and cool things are working out the way the are.

Dru said...

{{{Sarita}}} before you know it, your dad will be sitting right next to you.

Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Sarita - you go ahead and miss Dad all you want. But while you're missing him, take out each little memory one by one and enjoy living it all over again. You have a precious gift in that Dad of yours! And New York isn't so far from Florida.

Hugs, my Friend!