Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's a date!

This morning I've got a date with about ten of these. Yes, we're still getting zucchini from the gardens.

How did they survive the frost? What we did was place a couple of zucchini plants we'd pulled out right on top of the plants that still had flowers and/or zucchini growing. The frost didn't kill them so the next morning we tossed the "covering" plants on the side and Jack's your uncle! We've still got zucchini growing!

So this morning I'm going to make about seven zucchini breads. I'll wrap them and tuck them in the freezer. Then, when it's frigid outside and my husband stares longingly at the snow-covered area that is the veggie garden, I'll pull a bread out and we'll, once again, taste summer. I do this every year and it works out pretty well.

By the end of the day we'll have a half-dozen zucchini breads waiting for the snowy weather. Oh? The seventh? I'm sure my husband will make fast work of that one!

Hope your Sunday is lovely!


Anonymous said...

I really wish we'd been able to spend more time in our garden this year.

I love zucchini bread.

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I love zucchini bread.