Monday, September 01, 2008

Legal Tender Release Day!

Hi. It's me. Piglet. I'm taking over the blog this morning because, quite frankly, my human's busy. Can you believe it? She's caught up in spending every minute she can with Grandpops before her goes back to...huh. Where is it he's from again? Hmm...warm, sunny, the place where they grow oranges and alligators (don't know what an alligator is, exactly, but I know they've got 'em near Grandpop's house) that's the center of a hurricane sandwich (not sure what a sandwich is, either)...oh! Right! Florida. The grand-paternal human is heading back to Florida this week, so my parental human is eyeball deep with last minute things. Getting his laundry done. Packing his suitcase. Smiling even though she's sad he's leaving. You know. Stuff.

*sigh* So here I am. Called to action. Pressed into writing this blog post.

Would've been nice if I'd had some notice, some time to prepare. But you know how humans can be. Stand-offish. Finicky. Unpredictable.

What's a cat to do? Suck it up, I guess. Then, back to sleep. I need a nap. All this hurricane jabber, getting ready to travel and good-byeing has worn me out. First, though, I've gotta tell you the big news...

Legal Tender releases today! Available from Whiskey Creek Press, it's a love story with a ghostly twist. A little mystery, some smooching and a bond that just won't go quietly to the hereafter.

Interesting. If you're a human.

Me? I'd rather read about birds. Naps. Cheese slices.

I guess you can't please everyone, so if romance and mystery is your thing, Legal Tender is the book for you. But be forewarned...there aren't any cheese slices in the story. Not even a wedge.

Buy it here.

I'm hoping Sarita will be back on Wednesday. If she's still busy with Grandpops, I'll be here to chat with you. I have a feeling it might take her a few days, maybe even a week, to find her footing once her dad heads home. She's going to miss him. A lot.

But don't worry. I'm already thinking about what we'll talk about next time we visit. Believe me, I've got some good ideas. But first, a nap.

Have a nice Monday!

By the way, how do you feel about mice? Lots of gray, fluffy mice? Hmm?


Dru said...

Hey Piglet,

thanks for picking up the blog for Sarita. Keep dreaming of mices while we enjoy Legal Tender.

pps..naps are good.

Unknown said...

How sweet! Piglet you are too cute! I'm sure Sarita appreciates your help.

And I agree with Dru. Naps are very good!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the release of Legal Tender!! I can't wait to read it!


Anonymous said...

Huge congrats! And Piglet you are way too cute!


Melissa McClone said...

Nice to meet you Piglet!

Congrats on the release, Sarita!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Piglet. Thanks for dropping in and keeping the blog going today. It's sad when our Grandpops leave, isn't it? Especially with the hurricanes. Tell Grandpop to take care, 'kay?

And you're right, NAPS ARE THE COOLEST.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Piglet. And please congratulate Sarita on the release of Legal Tender. I'll hunt around in the book shops over here in Oz. You just never know what you'll find. Happy napping!

Aussie Jude