Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And the date would be?

Hi all! Yes, I know it's Tuesday and my summer schedule calls for only Monday, Wednesday and Friday visits with you. But now that it's September and the leaves on the trees in my backyard are starting to turn orange, yellow and red already it feels sort of fall-ish so I thought I'd begin showing up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, too. Besides, I miss you all on the days I don't show up. Weekends? They're still hit and miss. :)

Well last Thursday the first shipment of Legal Tender arrived. *You can order it here if you're interested. Or email me and we'll arrange for a signed copy to head your way.*

Friday morning I sat down with the list of kind folks who'd pre-ordered signed copies, a stack of manila envelopes and my favorite pen. I love signing books! A half-hour later I had a pretty good-sized pile of envelopes ready for the post office.

The names on the list were dwindling. I pulled a book out of the box, opened it to the first page and began to write. Out of habit, I dated the page. Then, I stared at what I'd written.

Hubby was in the kitchen so I hollered from the family room. (Why get up when sound travels so well?) "Honey?"


"What month is it?"

A head appeared in the doorway. He wrinkled his brow. It was apparent he thought I'd finally lost my mind. "September. It's September. Why?"

Uh oh.

"And that would be the ninth month of the year, right?"

His brows pulled tighter. "Right. The ninth month. Why?"

I glanced down at the page in front of me.


"Uh, no reason." I smiled, knowing full well I'd signed most, if not all, of the first wave of books using the wrong date.

Welcome to my world.


Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... everyone will think they got advance copies and they'll feel VERY special.


Anonymous said...

They might be collector's copies someday!

And don't feel bad. I never know what day it is!


Melissa McClone said...

That's funny! And I'm sure many authors have done the same thing!

Dru said...

LOL..then those would be collector's items.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha...too much on that mind of yours!

Aussie Jude