Friday, February 08, 2008

Swimming in the pool

You've heard of the gene pool? Secretarial pool? Swimming pool? Tidal pool? Car pool?

This week I'm swimming in the Editorial pool. Um, shouldn't that be a small "e" instead of a capital? editorial pool? Except now, at the beginning of the fragment, it should be capitalized, right? A big "E" don't you think?

Or, er, um, well...and while we're on the subject, the punctuation issue. How many commas are too many? Not enough? Just right? Oh? What? You didn't know we were on the subject? Hmm, well, it can be confusing but once you jump into the Edito-edit-E, um, e--

Well, once you jump into the damn pool you've just got to go with the flow! Swim, I tell you, just swim! No time for connecting the issues, just take them as they come. You've got to be fast, frantic, furious. Wild, witty, wonderful. Astute, adept, a--what's that? Too much alliteration? But I was on a roll. What? You don't like rolls, eh? Fine. I'll tone it down, but just a notch. I mean, you wouldn't want my flair, finesses, f--what? Alliteration again? Hmmph. All right. But I don't know how wise it is to interrupt a sleep-deprived author when she's on an f-roll. Just saying.

So I'm swimming in the pool. Without a life jacket.

Anyone have one of those donut things they can throw in for me?

Or is it doughnut? I can never remember...


Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL. Editing hell, I call it. When your editor has different ideas about what should go where -- or worse, when you get your edits back and realize you don't know as much about punctuation as you thought you did!

Either way, it's not fun, but sooo exciting to be working on something that's nearly ready to go out the door!

Good luck in the pool! LOL

Melissa McClone said...

Good luck staying alfoat!

BTW, I uploaded a pic of the headband.

Dru said...

Good luck with in the Editorial Pool. I would drown in it, but I'm sure you'll be swimming ashore sooner than later.

Have a good weekend.